K  A  R I  N   H  Ö  G  H  I  E  L  M

      Composer & Singer

"You find yourself with her in a Tibetan monastery, witnesses early Christian rituals and their choral singing, listening in the next momentto  a wistful folk song, then again, you find yourself on a postmodern dance floor again until a good old Jazz wildly shakes "

Vocalquality: * * * * * *

intepretation: * * * * * *

sound: * * * * *

Nordic Music Germany

"Imbued with an air of almost liturgical spirituality, her music is ancient and cutting-edge at the same time…"

Dirty Linen - the magazine of folk and world music - Baltimore, USA

"do not hesitate to go to her, to be carried away, it will turn into a unique experience on the border of our world and its parallel mystical dimensions."

Sébastien Bonnays progfemale voices

Photo: Mats Möller/FSZ