Photo: Mats Möller/SFZ

"Lyrics based on the poetry of Native Americans "Earth call" the Swedish composer Karin Höghielm the choir also ventured to a German premiere. The very interesting composition in the style of a meditation presented harmonious and intonation highest requirements."

von Heike Weis - Nürtinger Zeitung

" The continuation of the strong female voices from Scandinavia, today Karin Höghielm from Sweden, which not only works as a singer but also as a composer... Especially her early tracks (from the CD "Apocryphal") are wonderful examples of Scandinavia's very archaic, mysterious and powerful vocal tradition."

Henning Sabo- Germany

”Eclectic singer, boundless improviser, composer and  multiinstrumentalist e.t.c.

Shes been compared with singers like  Lisa Gerrard  and Meredith Monk but the truth is  that  Karin Höghielm has her very own voice and  artistic style”.

Kalejdoskop P2,  Per Guldbrandsen Swedish Radio

"Her music is folk-musical and avant-garde, from the Middle Ages and contemporary…Karin Höghielm’s music is warm and soft and intimate, so ‘small’ that you can touch it, at the same time that it is an unknown adventure: a metropolis one visits for the first time or large forest. She gets me associating to both Frank Zappa and a convent choir from the Middle Ages, to Carla Bley, to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and Träd Gräs och Stenar.”

Gränslöst ,Bengt  Eriksson (contemporary music magazine) – Sweden

"Karin has an incredibly beautiful voice and she uses it as it was a true musical instrument, music is inspired to the Nordic folklore, but also to sacred music…This disc is a small pearl, a disc of rare beauty…music for the mind and the spirit al same time. “


"She has a fantastic voice, which she has full control over, and goes beyond the limits of how ‘song’ is actually defined.”

Djembe (folk music magazine) – Denmark

"Moving, contemplative and thought-provoking. Karin Höghielms music is also comparable with contemporary-classics like John Tavener och Henryk Górecki – but with more influences of traditional folkmusic."

Swedish library service

"She creates a fascinating mixture from Mari Boine, Meredith Monk, Stimmhorn and Wim Mertens."

Rec Rec - Swizerland

"Ritual, beautiful and mysterious."

Mikael Strömberg Aftonbladet (national daily newspaper) - Sweden

“This is music with a varied offer to pure beauty”


"The result is completely attractive, mysterious and new with a contemplative and ritual music where contemporary arrangements, sometimes minimalists, meet the old instruments and sublimate a song come from the bottom of the ages. An artist to be discovered absolutely and a highly advisable disc. “


-Her  music is balanced and gentle. Very recommended.

Psyche van het Folk - Belgium

”One of the more fascinating and mighty addictive albums to find its way into my stereo recently comes from the Swedish composer, multi instrumentalist, and singer Karin Höghielm. Karin’s music is an eclectic mix of avantgarde chamber music with various traditional music influences. The thing I really like about ‘Fabra’ is that the music is very diverse and differs from song to song. On this recording you can hear classical, folk, medieval, Celtic, and even some other indefinable influences, which of course all sound fantastic.” Lunar Hypnosis-USA

" What strikes as of the first second of listening is the powerful voice and spell-binding of Karin…The compositions of Karin are a curious and delicious mixture of medieval music and traditional Scandinavian, neo-classic, contemporary, ritual, minimalists and hymns (Kyrie, ave Maria). The instruments are preferably acoustic (besides one synth discrete on two titles): grand piano, clarinet, violoncello, double bass, vibraphone, flute, percussions, organ of church, accordion, fiddle, cromhorne... Karin adds to it effects of water, cymbals, cromhorne and bells."

Sylvie Hamon