A presentation

Karin Höghielm was born and raised on Gotland and is a swedish composer and singer.

Studies in composition, different vocal techniques, classical piano, cello and flute.

She have written several works for choir, soloinstruments, organ and chamber ensembles and her works has been performed in Sweden, Europe and USA by leading ensembles.

As a singer she is strongly influenced by classical singing and folk music, using wordless singing to latin, old nordic, sumerian and coptic and of course english and gotlandish (old swedish accent from Gotland).

Karin is also playing wineglass, bells, bone-flute, lyre, percussion and dulcimer.

She has recorded several CD:s in not so classical environment for chamber ensemble. She has also written music for art works, theatre, film, opera and dance. Her music is mostly tonal with strong melodies, often inspired by nature, different cultures and Early music and she is often using self-recorded sounds from nature, knitting machines in Norköping, Falu mine bell, Halla Church bell and scrap irons in her compositions.