RAUK a setting for soloist (Karin Höghielm), chorus and  intrumental ensemble. The old viking age text written with runes from Rökstenen, A stone found in the small village of Rök in mid Sweden,

Including  Lau I & II, based on improvisations together with Martin Larson in the acoustically rare Lau Church on the Swedish island of Gotland (12-second)

Duration: 58:40 Order from Nosag Records

Nosag Records 2012

"It is absolutely incredible!"

Don Campau-NoPigeonholes, Radioshow USA


Karins debut album including thirteen compositions for two female voices, vcl, db, flute, cl, perc, crumbhorn, psalmodicon, fiddle, harp, wine glass, pno, org, a male vocal-quartet, and a mixed choir.


Särart H Productions 1999  New release Prikosnovénie France 2005  Order from Nosag Records

"There's a lot in this album, there are folk elements, there's a veil of sacred and an overall mystical atmosphere that is the right ingredient for re-conciliating with our own souls, which some need badly these days. Karin's vocal work is superb, comparisons have been drawn to the likes of Lisa Gerrard, which are not very far from the truth indeed.  Even fairy moments creep in, making this album a surprise to discover track after track. .. it is guaranteed to be a soul uplifting experience."

The Darklife Fanzine 2007


This  recording contains newly-composed chamber music, influenced by world music and avant-    garde, with lyrics in Russian, old Gotlandic, Latin and Swedish, as well as wordless songs.

Texts attributed to Saint Birgitta, in addition to poems by Arsenij Tarkovskij, George Stiernhielm  and the Gotlandic poet Gustaf Larsson, have been set to music.

Durata: 65:29. Särart Productions Sweden 2004  Order from Nosag Records

-Cd of the month April

vocal quality: * * * * * *

intepretation: * * * * * *

sound: * * * * *

Nordische Musik-Germany

DVD release May 2015  Trio Pranky Mission Impossible Tour

Nosag Records new release: Group TRIO PRÁNKY presents a LIVE CONCERT DVD from "Mission Impossible Tour" - unexpected twists and turns!

Music by Stellan Sagvik, Karin Höghielm.Martin Larson and Payton MacDonald. Order


Attich Ebulum Compilation Santa Sangre Digital Album 2013

Santa Sangre Sounds first release is now online. 41 female artists through music .

 Order from Santa Sangre



Seven Contemporary short Operas from: Sweden, USA, Switzerland

TOTAL : 70:16   Yucca Tree Records Swizerland 2004

Order from Yucca Tree Records


A CD sampler with 16 UNRELEASED tracks of the most beautiful heavenly voices of  Prikosnovenie.

Karin Höghielm, Cecilia Corbel, The Moon & the Night Spirit, Caprice..

Duration:  64:03 Prikosnovénie France 2007  Order

EFFLEUREMENT A17 tracks Sampler with 17 enchanting female voices, Celtic, Oriental, Slavonic, Northern, Balkanic...

Karin Höghielm, Loreena Mc Kennitt, Cécile Corbel, Louisa John-Krol, Misstrip, Pinknruby, Irfan, Maple Bee, Caprice, Secret Vibes, Zaria, Love Sessions 2, , Flëur, Liz Van Dort, Stellamara, Irfan, Jack or Jive, Daemonia Nymphe.

Duration : 70:28  Prikosnovénie France 2006   Order