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Choir, organ and chamber-settings




Gryningens ljusa ton

SATB, Wineglasses, Org, Vlc, Perc (durata 13,00)

Lyrics by Swedish poet Susanne Halvardsson



Alleluia dulce carmen

male choir, pno (durata 9, 30)

Dedicated to Katarina male choir and Lars-Ewe Nilsson




Into the deep forest

Percussion quartet (durata 9.30)



Lux Aeterna

organ (durata 6.30)

Dedicated to Mathias Kjellgren

First performance January 15 2017, at Maria Magdalena Church, Stockholm, Sweden


Memories of old trees

Basset clarinet in A (durata 6.00)

commissioned by Frustuna Parish Gnesta Sweden

First performance August 17 2016 at Tingshuset Gnesta, Sweden

Dedicated to Kjell Fagéus


Agnus dei

mixed choir (durata 6.20)

First performance by Markuskyrkans chamber choir conducted by Eva Karpe, Enskede Church October 16 2016

Dedicated to Markuskyrkans chamber choir, Sweden


Love´s labours lost lyrics: William Shakespeare

Mixed choir SSAATTBB (durata 6.00)


Nordic winter light

fl, vcl ((durata 3,00)

First performance by Bruno Ispiola, cello and Fabio Schinazi , piano March 19 2017

Concert Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, Luxemburg



Upon the path of dreams lyrics: Ono no Komachi

Men´s choir TTTTBBBB (durata 3,00)

First performance by Katarina male choir conducted by Lars-Ewe Nilsson, Katarina Church 13 of October 2016

Dedicated to Martin Larson




As if the sea should part lyrics: Emily Dickinson. First performance by Västerås Chamber choir in Skinnskattebergs Church, Sweden 2016.

Mixed choir SSBTBB (durata 10,15 )


Fyra årstider commission

4 solopieces for flute Vår, Sommar, Vinter, Höst (durata 20,00)

-Vinter - First performance by Kinga Prada Sagvik, soloflute November 5 2016

Grödinge Church, Stockholm, Sweden

-Vår - First performance by flutist Kinga Prada during the program Kvinnodagspoesi.

Kulturcafeet ,Uppsala, Sweden




revised version for fl, perc, pno, vcl (durata 6,00).


Gongsong trio revised version for Trio Pranky (durata 4,00).





Dedicated to Duo Pranky. Fl, vlc. In memory of my Father. (durata 7,10).

Swedish music information centre


Motet revised version for double choir (SSAATTBB) and organ (durata 13,10).

Swedish music information centre




Som det susar i säven/As the wind in the willows

Dedicated to Trio Pranky. Fl, perc. vlc. (durata 6,00).

Swedish music information centre


Motet (SSSSAAAA)/organ) commissioned by Lorelei-ensemble, Harvard, Boston USA

(durata 13,10).




7 Postludes for organ Commissioned by Frustuna Parish Gnesta, Sweden (durata 17,00).

Swedish music information centre


Trees in Water (SSAATTBB) choir. First performance of European Overtone Choir Rendsburg Germany. (durata 10,00).

Swedish music information centre




The threeformed Protennoia chamber-orchestra SATB choir lyrics: coptic from Nag Hammadi . First performance in Sofia church Stockholm Sweden 2010. (durata 27,00).

Swedish music information centre


True love in every moment Praises God

Mixed choir/organ. Lyrics : Mechild of Magdeburg. (durata 9,00).

Swedish music information centre




Nin me sarra chamber-orchestra SATB choir lyrics: sumerian . First performance in Sofia church Stockholm Sweden 2010. (durata 17,00).




Rökstenen /RAUK brass, perc. org, soprano, mixed choir lyrics: old nordic from runes 2007. Östgöta chamber-choir . First performance in Missionskyrkan Linköping Sweden, recorded by Swedish Radio P2 2009. Also released on CD RAUK 2012 Nosag records. (durata 18,00).

Swedish music information centre




Earth-Call SATB choir lyrics: Native Americans. First performance by Östgöta chamber-choir conducted by Hans Lundgren, Linköpings concert-hall Sweden 2005. Also performed by Voces Nordicae and Coro per resistencia. (durata 7,00).

Swedish music information centre




Laus Trinitati SATB choir lyrics : Hildegard von Bingen. First performance by Mikaeli chamber choir, Conducted by Anders Eby. Adolf Fredriks Church, Stockholm Sweden 2015. (durata 7,00).

Swedish music information centre


Ave Maris Stella SATB choir lyrics: The Holy Birgit. First performance by Östgöta chamber-choir conducted by Hans Lundgren. Also performed by Lady Chapel Singers USA. (durata 6,00).

Wessmans music.


Order scores from:


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Wessmans musikförlag


Performances, concerts and other works for the stage




A room full of secrets

Ambientwork 60´


Sånger från när och fjärran

solowork for voice, loopstation, glass, percussion, dulcimer,flute and organ.

A stagework for churches and other places with great acoustics.

Music by Karin mixed with gregorian chant and swedish folkmusic. 60´

Premiere: Torsåker Church, Sweden August 13




VOCALWEAVES solowork for voice, loopstation, glass, percussion, dulcimer. 60´

Premiere: Konst i Gryt Stjärnhov, Sweden, July 25




Albert Målare Abellis Magiska Teater.

Music Karin Höghielm.




Arbetets själ

KIA project. Performance with inspiration from Motala Hospital created and performed by: Artist -Eva Fornåå, composer -Karin Höghielm, writer-Kristina Olsson and choreographer -Sophia Örnell.




What does the light of the world sound like?

Light-film and music project created for the exhibition: Water Energy Gdynia, second edition of Biannual Art Gdynia Poland .

Light/film: Åsa Wirling, music and vocals: Karin Höghielm, knitting-machines from Norrköpings museum, people from Malmoe saying peace, love understanding in different languages, Malmoe FF football-fans. 15´.





This recording contains newly-composed chamber music, influenced by world music and avant- garde, with lyrics in Russian, old Gotlandic, Latin and Swedish, as well as wordless songs.

Texts attributed to Saint Birgitta, in addition to poems by Arsenij Tarkovskij, George Stiernhielm and the Gotlandic poet Gustaf Larsson, have been set to music.

Durata: 65:29. Särart Productions Sweden


Den levande länken

Medevi Brunn Sweden. Collaboration between sculpture and music.

Artists: Eva Fornåå, Christina Olivecrona.

Music by Karin Höghielm




Gutasagan short filmic opera with libretto in old gotlandish, Roma Kungsgård, Gotland Sweden.

Music released on the CD OOPPERA Yucca Tree Records Swizerland.



Rötter där du har dina fötter

Exhibition about roots and identity.

Artists: Kira Malmsten, Peter Johansson, Saadia Hussain and Karin Höghielm, Regionmuséet Västra Götaland.




Hur ljuder Världens ljus? Light/water/music Pildammsparken, Malmö Sweden. Commissioned by Malmö city.

Performed by KH Ensemble, MFF footballs supporters, 15 different languages. Åsa Wirling light-design. 15 minutes.



Voice, dulcimer, wineglass and bull roar. Performed and created by Karin Höghielm



Rum med In-sikt

H 99 Helsingborg Sweden

choreographer: Abigail Gibson, composer Karin Höghielm

director: Carina Lerneståhl






Karins debut album including thirteen compositions for two female voices, vcl, db, flute, cl, perc, crumbhorn, psalmodicon, fiddle, harp, wine glass, pno, org, a male vocal-quartet, and a mixed choir.





Ordlös musik - Musiklösa ord Höghielms Apokryfiska Ensemble, Arabiskt Kulturcentrum och Författarcentrum Syd

New music and poetry by Adnan al -Sayegh, Najim Mouhsen, Helene Haldórsdóttir and Viktoria Farzalieva with compositions by Karin Höghielm. 60´





Teater Xycorax Helsingborg Sweden

director: Carina Lerneståhl, composer Karin Höghielm


Mystiksång & Evighetsljud/Mystery songs and eternal sounds 1997: Seven pieces for voice, glass and scrap irons . Performed and created by Karin Höghielm



Slagkraft & Urkväden: 1997

A solo performance by and with Karin Höghielm including six pieces for solo voice, percussion, bone flute, bullroar, hornpipe, and dance.





Drumvoices –Surrounding world music for percussion, voice and heart

A ritual performance inspired by music from different cultures. Performed by Ray Adams, Camilla Jonasson, Christina Messmann and Karin.

Created by Karin Höghielm





Sensomoto a solo dance work performed and created by Karin Höghielm

Music for voices, organ, hornpipe and percussion.





Photo: Tore Höghielm